About Jeffrey Bendis

Jeff Bendis is a Financial Planner in the  Seven Fields office of LPL Financial.   He is recognized by everyone as a person of high integrity who does high quality work, quickly and dependably.  He has an acute attention to detail and a strong dedication to service and excels at giving thoughtful, appropriate advice.  He knows how to solve problems, a by-product of his engineering background. Combined with a deep sense of the humane, this leads to a gentle, delicate, care-giving attitude. His methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is missed.  He lives in the moment but always looks to the future. 

Jeff highly values the high-trust client-advisor relationship. The trust bond motivates him personally to be totally committed to doing the very best job, every single time.

Jeff is a helpful friend and dedicated husband and father.  His most enjoyable time is spent talking and laughing with Tricia and Haley, his wife and daughter.  He is grateful to lead a happy, healthy life and intends to live it with verve.